Manufacturing Industry Success Stories




High Tech Manufacturing

WiTricity knew that as it prepared for the commercialization of its technology, it would need more functionality than QuickBooks could deliver. As it took on inventory, an inventory control process would need to be implemented along with a sales order process. But since the company was just beginning to manufacture and sell product, one of the biggest questions that needed to be answered was what the chart of accounts and general ledger would look like. Would they be selling licensing for medical devices, product for the automotive industry or royalties for another industry?

“Paragon helped us to think about and set up a chart of accounts that would work for us today as well as down the road,” commented Eileen Sickler, controller for WiTricity Corporation. “They have tremendous experience and knowledge in this arena so they know just what questions we needed to consider.”

Hydroelectric Power

To Essex Power, the choice was clear. Years prior, they relied on Paragon Software to upgrade them to their current Small Business Manager platform and would turn to them again for help with the issues and challenges this time, and pave the way for a new cost effective, efficient financial management system.

“Paragon addressed each and every issue and concern to ensure we were confident with moving forward.”

“They made a very difficult conversion that could have been a nightmare a wonderful dream. They are a company that has a can-do attitude and are completely professional while still giving you that personal touch.

Medical Instrumentation

Located in Holliston, Massachusetts, Union Biometrica provides systems for the automated analysis and sorting of viable multicellular organisms, cells and other large particles. Union Biometrica, a recent spin-off of its parent company, Harvard Bioscience (NASDAQ: HBIO), no longer had access to Harvard Bio’s accounting and financial system and was suddenly faced with implementing its own.

  • Reduced administrative and support costs related to financial reporting
  • Streamlined monthly financial reporting
  • Timely analysis of financial information
  • Efficient financial transaction processing
  • Four-week deployment cycle

The company selected Microsoft® Dynamics GP financial software, for day-to-day accounting and manufacturing functions and implementation partner, Paragon Software Solutions.

Medical Instrumentation

As Reveal Imaging was preparing for explosive growth, they knew a plan for their ERP solution was critical, and knew they needed a knowledgeable business solutions partner who would lead them from starting the planning process through support of the implemented solutions.

“In preparing for this magnitude of growth, we needed people who were very knowledgeable and experienced in the areas of manufacturing, accounting and business as opposed to knowledgeable in just computer software,” commented Charlie Tillett, chief financial officer at Reveal Imaging. “With Paragon Software, while we got that extensive business experience and knowledge, they were also not afraid to use their various external resources to ensure the best solution was being implemented.”

Software Used:

  • Manufacturing Bill of Materials
  • Manufacturing Ordering Processing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Materials Requirements Planning
  • Financials
  • Inventory and Order Processing Arena Solutions
  • Arena PLM

Fact Sheets – Manufacturing Software

As markets accelerate, so does the pace of change. New technologies and new customer demands increase the pressure on engineering to make process and component adjustments that accommodate such changes while maintaining or improving efficiencies and profitability. Engineering Change Management helps manufacturers organize and control this dynamic process.

Deliver complete, consistent, and current product information.

Manage materials, components, and assemblies more precisely— including costs, locations, and routing sequences—to gain tighter control of finished goods, reduce costs, and increase productivity and profitability.

Track production costs in detail and manage work orders, routings, outsourcing, and work center definitions. By directing the entire cycle of order processing, you can build a business that is both customer-driven and profitable.

Material Requirements Planning helps you realize the control you need to compete. Deep visibility into material requirements translates into more effective resource planning—helping reduce stock outages, drive down inventory costs, and streamline the production process.

By allowing you to design testing procedures of incoming materials to meet your manufacturing process, Quality Assurance equips you to start with the quality of raw materials you require, and dramatically helps to reduce manufacturing delays, rework, and scrap.

Whenever you bring together people to accomplish a task, communication challenges may arise—especially when those people have different objectives and backgrounds. Your sales teams and manufacturing managers probably face these challenges—yet effective communication between these divergent groups is the first step to ensuring product delivery that’s both efficient and effective.

Sample Reports – Manufacturing Software

View multiple samples of reports that can help manufacturers manage processes efficiently, including: basic bill of materials, work center capacity, stock reports, inventory, job details and transactions, machine lists, routing sequences, picking, exceptions, sales forecasting , data collection, and more.