Microsoft Dynamics GP on Paragon Cloud


Faster and easier access to Dynamics GP

Running Dynamics GP in the cloud offers numerous advantages over the traditional on-premise approach. Embracing the cloud enables businesses to shift from capital-intensive infrastructure investments to a more cost-effective and scalable operational model. By hosting Dynamics GP in the cloud, companies can enjoy enhanced flexibility, accessibility, and collaboration. Team members can securely access the system from any location with internet connectivity, empowering them to work remotely and improve overall productivity. Moreover, cloud-based solutions provide automatic updates, reducing the burden of managing software versions and ensuring the latest features and security patches are readily available. With the cloud's robust data backup and disaster recovery capabilities, organizations can rest assured that their critical financial information remains safe and retrievable, even in unforeseen circumstances. Embracing Dynamics GP in the cloud, businesses can optimize their financial processes, streamline operations, and focus on strategic growth without the complexities of managing on-premise infrastructure.

GP Installation for Efficiency Gains

Paragon implemented Dynamics GP for Kawerak and turned a paper-based organization into a technology-driven environment. The paper system was time consuming and extremely inefficient for an organization booking $18 million in revenue. Now, GP handles day-to-day accounting, human resource, payroll functions and more. Additional functionality implemented includes a Web-based procurement management, purchase requisition, authorization routing and purchase order system as well as a time and attendance management platform, increasing overall efficiency.

Automate Accounting and HR with
Microsoft Dynamics® GP

Implementing GP for Manufacturing Processes

Read how Paragon delivered a smooth planning, implementation and training process of the integrated solution that offers powerful financials, manufacturing, field service and other customized solutions. Reveal Imaging needed a more robust ERP system and turned to Paragon, a Microsoft Certified Business Solutions Partner to prepare the operations infrastructure for the company’s growth.

Streamline the Manufacturing Process
with Microsoft Dynamics GP