Paragon Software, 25-year Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, provides financial system for Enservio

“Paragon Software not only handled the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP, but spearheaded the planning of a two phase process and prepared our infrastructure to transfer our in-house invoicing system which was very complex. It was planned as a gradual process because we wanted to be extremely comprehensive. Paragon’s team was with us the whole way.”

– Neil Murphy, CFO at Enservio

Enservio is the market leader in contents inventory creation, valuation and replacement, providing software and services to property insurance carriers and their policy holders nationwide. Founded in 2004, the company is headquartered near Boston, Massachusetts with offices and professional staff across the United States.

When a business or residence experiences a property loss, all of the contents may need to be replaced or restored. An inventory of lost or damaged items must be prepared and an accurate replacement value determined for each item. It’s a daunting task which historically, no one has done well-until Enservio. The company delivers accuracy, efficiency, speed and customer service across the entire contents value chain. In order for that to happen, they must operate with extreme accuracy, efficiency and speed – internally.

Since the beginning, Enservio was using Microsoft Small Business Financials as its accounting system as well as an in-house system for invoicing which served them well in the early years. As the company entered rapid growth, the small, simplified financial system was no longer meeting their needs for general ledger, account payable and accounts receivable functions. The in-house invoice functionality was in particular cumbersome. They needed something more robust to take them to the next level. Financial and accounting software experts, Paragon Software Solutions, were brought on as consultants to help them achieve optimum efficiency with financial planning processes and ultimately, system upgrades.

The combination of Paragon Software Solutions and the migration to Microsoft Dynamics GP got them to the next level.

Financials, Invoicing Made Easy

Paragon helped to plan out the implementation process that would be divided into two phases. First, a simple upgrade of the base financials would take place – general ledger, account payable and accounts receivable from Small Business Financials to Microsoft Dynamics GP. Phase two was more complicated and involved Enservio’s invoicing, including check processing, which was completely an in-house system. It was a very complex system, had to be removed, matured and functionality moved to Dynamics GP. Before that happened, however, considerable infrastructure work needed to take place in order for the information to be transferred and received.

“Paragon Software not only handled the implementation of GP, but spearheaded the planning of the two phase process and prepared our infrastructure to transfer our in-house invoicing system to GP which was very complex,” commented Neil Murphy, CFO at Enservio. “It was planned as a gradual process because we wanted to be extremely comprehensive and ensure accuracy. The process took about a year and Paragon’s team was with us the whole way.”

With more than 25 years of implementation, integration, upgrade and migration experience, Paragon worked with Enservio to implement Microsoft Dynamics GP financial management software which helps improve purchasing, budgeting, invoicing, forecasting and inventory management to improve productivity and profitability of businesses.

“Paragon worked seamlessly with us,” commented Neil Murphy. “In fact, they were an invaluable extension of the Enservio team. Every planning and status conference call we had, they were part. They helped lead us through the entire process.”

Paragon is known for its global support team and 24/7 availability. The company delivers prompt and reliable technical support, including remote upgrades that generally take place over a weekend to provide very minimal or no interruption to the client’s day-to-day operations. These types of upgrades also generally take less time than on-site installs.

Now that the two phases are complete, there are numerous benefits the company now enjoys with the upgraded system including access to much more information that they did not have previously. With GP and the new infrastructure, they have greater availability to more information which in turns helps to make better business decisions – and faster.

Additionally, prior to the system upgrade, there were many users who needed to touch the old in-house invoicing system in particular. Now, there are just four users on the new system, reduced by more than half.

The company moved from multiple users involved in the invoice process to a very simplified, straight-forward process where only a few need to be involved.

Ultimately, it all adds up to big time and big cost savings.

Enservio Rests Easy

Paragon is now helping Enservio to understand the full capabilities of GP, the functionality they have available to them and what additional benefits they can enjoy. Paragon has moved back into a consulting role for Enservio, available for whatever they might need down the road.

“Most of the technology improvements are happening in-house now which is great,” further commented Neil Murphy. “Paragon successfully passed that role to our team, has moved to a consulting role so they are available if we need them – which makes it overall cost-effective for us.”

One of the biggest benefits has proven to be the system’s scalability. All the financial functionality and processes are much more scalable – for the future. The CFO has faith the company can use the processes and systems now in place for the next several years, which allows management a good night’s sleep.

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