Paragon Software Solutions, Massachusetts-based Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, helped HealthGate Enhanced Accounting Practices to Streamline Financial Reporting and Lower Administrative Costs

“Implementing the Great Plains Standard Financial software package has helped HealthGate streamline its monthly financial close process, provide more timely
analysis of financial information and helped to reduce general and administrative expenses.”
– Mark McTague, Accounting Manager, HealthGate

HealthGate primarily develops and markets highly specialized software applications that enable collaborative work and facilitate interdisciplinary content
management within healthcare organizations.

Challenged by their older financial software package, HealthGate found themselves in a situation where monthend reporting was overly complicated, time consuming and expensive. The existing financial software did not have the needed reporting capabilities for extensive database mining.

End-users found the Oracle 11 platform cumbersome to use. Data entry and report generation required numerous keystrokes, and the Oracle reports did not export neatly into Microsoft® Excel and Word.

HealthGate Benefits from Streamlined Financial Reporting and Administrative Cost Savings

One of the primary benefits of the Microsoft® Dynamics GP (Great Plains) software is that it is offered as a set of integrated modules. For HealthGate, the integration of the Microsoft® Dynamics GP software with Microsoft® Office applications, including Word and Excel, was an important requirement in the decision to go with the Paragon-offered solution.

Paragon Software Solutions (a full service systems integrator) provided training and implementation for the Microsoft® Dynamics GP (Great Plains) financial software package. Several Great Plains modules were installed:

  • General Ledger
  • Payables Management
  • Receivables Management
  • Cash Management
  • Budgets
  • Fixed Assets
  • Financials with History and Budgets

These capabilities have fully met the financial management requirements of HealthGate Data Corp.

Paragon Delivers GP Solution – On Time and Under Budget

“The Great Plains conversion was completed within a month and at a fraction of the cost of the Oracle conversion performed in the year 2000,” commented Mark McTague, HealthGate’s Accounting Manager.

Paragon Software provided training and implementation for the Great Plains deployment. HealthGate’s end-users are pleased with the Great Plains software, have found the software to be very user friendly and are satisfied with the quick and easy period-to-period reporting and analysis capabilities.

The Great Plains financial system has delivered departmental cost savings, organizational benefits of faster end-of-month reporting and convenient ways to find out what encompasses various account balances. Additional cost savings and efficiencies have been realized since HealthGate brought the hardware and software hosting in-house and also enabled support for the work-at-home environment.

HealthGate Saves Money and Improves Productivity with the Paragon Supplied Microsoft® Dynamics GP Solution

The financial return on an investment can be calculated. The impact of a project on an organization can be predicted. But the reality of project implementation must be experienced. It is here that the true success of a project is realized.

In this case, HealthGate was able to:

  • Experience the streamlining of their monthly financial close process
  • Achieve administrative cost savings by processing fewer steps in each financial transaction
  • Provide more timely analysis of financial information to senior management and
  • Lower overall software support costs for the finance department

In summary, this project has proved to be a win-win for both the end-users and the financial bottom line.

Over 30,000 businesses use Great Plains (now Microsoft® Dynamics) every day to improve their competitive advantage. By delivering unparalleled access to decision-driving information, by
being first to deliver the latest and best technologies, and by providing the finest customer service systems in the world, Microsoft® Dynamics GP and Paragon Software Solutions help customers run their businesses better. Paragon Software specializes in working with healthcare technology solution providers like HealthGate Data Corp.