Long's Jewelers Finds a Gem with Paragon's Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains)


Third Party Integration Remains a Key Part of the Solution

On a daily basis, Long’s Jewelers continues to use ASC’s Craftsman software for all of their merchandising needs. As a result, data migration between the merchandising system and the Microsoft® Dynamics financial reporting system is performed daily.

Moving data between the environments is easily accomplished by exporting the ASC data into Microsoft® Dynamics by using the built-in Integration Manager. The Integration Manager merges the data dropped in a shared directory and seamlessly brings it into Dynamics. This is done transparently and without any end-user involvement.

Long’s Jewelers Is Up and Running in Less than a Month

Once the new hardware and software were installed by a local vendor and added to Long’s network, Paragon was able to install the Microsoft® Dynamics software, perform the data conversion, integrate the third party modules, conduct the needed training and hand over a tested and running system in less than one month. The total project was completed within 60 days from start to finish.

With the new system in place, Long’s Jewelers has realized gains in internal efficiencies. The ability to “drill down” into live data has proved to be “phenomenal” in the words of Mr. Ronald Gove. This capability has far reaching impact as Long’s becomes more familiar with Microsoft® Dynamics. Mr. Gove sees this capability “as providing the opportunity to be proactive in making financial, planning and sound business decisions.”

As far as the future is concerned, Mr. Gove looks forward to enjoying taking his stable platform into the holiday season. In 2007, Mr. Gove envisions that Long’s Jewelers will consider implementing additional Microsoft® Dynamics modules such as Cash Management and Fixed Asset Management.

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